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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 9am  NBC  December 24, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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wet. this is 95. up in the poconos, be aware of icy patches, it is a little cooler up there this morning. meteorologist krystal klei is tracking a mild but soggy start to our saturday. krystal? >> that's right. we are watching most of us with wet roadways, because we have been seeing rain. just in the northernmost edge of the poconos, a mix has been falling through the morning. some spots could be icy patches moving through. the rain is moving along, seen it for the last several hours straight. it is not going to end quite yet, but you can see that ending line starting to develop. then we will see scattered showers continue in the early afternoon. really this line is starting to move out of berks county now, close to chester county. everywhere else looking at mostly light to moderate rain. it isn't a downpour but enough to make the roads wet. we have foggy conditions to boot. scattered showers linger into the late morning, early
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afternoon. overall it will start to move out and then we'll be left with just clouds. as for temperatures, we're not cold enough for snow or ice in most of the area. upper to mid-30s in the suburbs, pottstown, 36, lancaster 39. areas like philadelphia and wilmington right now at 40. we will talk more about christmas eve, hanukkah forecast and christmas day coming up. >> see you shortly. thanks for that. police investigating a van crash on i-95 in bensalem bucks county that injured 15 people. passenger van veered off the road. they helped to free some victims from the van. some injuries are serious but not life-threatening. all lanes of 95 south were closed for a time but have since reopened. two men in the hospital following a pileup in philadelphia. nbc10 was on the scene on emerald street in kensington, a truck ended up on top of cars at 2:30 this morning. no word on the victims'
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conditions or what led to the pileup. right now many of you may be preparing for a holiday dinner tonight, tomorrow, or both. local bake reese are bust he willing getting things ready for festive feasts. randy gyllenhaal is there where they're making pierogis. >> reporter: good morning. we are live in a kielbasa smoke house in port richmond where the family has been making authentic kielbasa and pierogis for almost a century. this place was founded before world war ii. since 1938. it is now in the third generation in port richmond. they have been spending the past few weeks preparing for today. every christmas there are huge crowds of people. you can see a few lining up to grab polish kielbasa, sausage, pierogis, polish holiday feast. from northeast philly and beyond
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flocking here every christmas, a must-have at their dinner table. >> tradition. tradition in this neighborhood. >> tradition. started in 1938 when my grandfather opened the business. ever since then, people are lining up every christmas for hours on end to wait in line for kielbasa. >> reporter: this bakery has long lines standing out in the pouring rain to get their hands on famous pound cake for christmas dessert, another long time tradition in northeast philly. back here live. be warned, supplies might be running short. get out there asap, hit up local delis. they close 1:00 p.m., might run out before that. live in port richmond, randy gyllenhaal, nbc10 news. >> we will expect you to bring something back to the newsroom. tonight is christmas eve, beginning of hanukkah which means shoppers will be spending today looking for last minute gifts. this is what it looked like at
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some of the malls in the area. people shoulder to shoulder. we will probably see more of that today. nbc10 was at the cherry hill mall where shoppers tried their best to get in and out quickly. others decided to take it in like this family who dressed up on their hunt for last minute deals. the mall is crowded. stores, it's nuts. >> you got to be here for the season, you know. if you're going to be in the lines, may as well have fun with it. >> then there were marathon shoppers and loved ones that waited for them. spoke to several husbands and boyfriends on mall couches or standing by holding bags while their other halves hit the stores. >> tired of waiting in lines and everything. that's why i am out here. >> makeup, clothing, you know, party before christmas, oh my god. >> all these things on the list or do you think she's going off the radar now?
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>> off the radar. >> she's getting everything the family needs for the holidays, i'll tell you that. hopefully shoppers can enjoy the rest of the holiday weekend knowing they got everything on the list. several stores are open christmas eve if you need to shop. target, kmart, big lots until 10:00 p.m. each location has different times when they start or end, check with the nearest store. if you are scrambling for holiday gifts, fine a last minute gift guide on the nbc10 app. plus to get you in the holiday spirit, go to the app to hear the sounds of christmas from local choirs who competed in the moore sm christmas choir competition. again, that's all on the nbc10 app. five minutes past 9:00. this morning, a ups driver is recovering after he was shot. we will tell you about the lucky move he made after he was hit
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that may have saved his life. christmas at the casino? why some will be headed to jersey shore to hear the jingle of slot machines this holiday weekend.
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welcome back. hard to tell you between the rain and fog, that's the philadelphia skyline in the background. we had rainy conditions the last several hours. fog started building, no surprise. we started to see warmer air moving in. as a result it is just rain, not snow we're tracking this morning. radar and satellite shows us green indicating rain. pretty much over the entire region. starting to move out of berks county. then we will have scattered showers that linger. late morning, early afternoon, that's when the rain moves out, meaning christmas eve forecast tonight is still a pretty good one. 46 degrees 6:00. scattered clouds to clear
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conditions going through the night. delaware, mid 40s, down to low 40s. that's just at 11:00 p.m. as you go into christmas morning, it will be a cold one out there. looking at temperatures the next several days, remain on the moderate side in the afternoon. today, high of 50. following mid 40s yesterday. on sunday, christmas day, 50 degrees as well. as we go into next week, look at the low to mid-50s for high temperatures, but drops for new year's eve. we will get you that in a minute. if you ever wanted to skate with santa, you get your chance in atlantic city. the flyers skate zone will offer the fun in three sessions. $5 for each admission goes to make a wish foundation. this evening, watch a nativity scene light up the night in society hill. third and pine street, they started a new event "lights of
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st that uses more than 2,000 lights. they're synchronized to popular christmas tunes. the show runs until december 31st. more than 100 kids have clothes and gifts to help them through the winter. nbc10 was at saint barn bus mission. cleveland browns player abe ra hem kendall helped organize the event. nine minutes past 9:00. forget the smell of a fresh tree or chestnuts over an open fire. something is in the air this morning. players for princess leia. how she's doing after having a heart attack on a flight.
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what smells. that's what people in philadelphia and south jersey want to know. police and city officials started to receive reports about a strange odor in center city and south philly. overnight people in gloucester county reported the odor. i smelled it. i was at home in philadelphia, thought we had a gas leak. here's what we know. the smell is a sulphur additive used to make natural gas detectible, but crews haven't discovered any gas leaks. if we find out, we will keep you posted. in other news, police in delaware county looking for the gunman that shot a ups driver. the wounded driver pulled into a car dealership where he knew police and emts get their vehicles checked. sure enough, a medic was there to help. earlier the driver was making
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holiday deliveries when he heard a loud bang. he was thinking it was the truck. kept driving not realizing for a time his shoulder was hit. >> could see the bullet in the jacket. >> he is out here delivering packages and somebody shoot him. doesn't make no sense. >> i have to watch my back, could be me next. i could be the next one shot. >> the wounded driver is expected to be okay. another ups crew picked up his holiday gifts and delivered them. now to the latest on actress carrie fisher's heart attack. her brother says she's in intensive care at a los angeles hospital. she suffered the attack on a flight from london to l.a. she's 60 years old, best known for her role in "star wars" movies. her parents are debbie reynolds and the late singer eddie fisher. new details.
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an officer wounded in the shootout will be out of the hospital in a few days. two noticed him acting suspiciously when they approached him at a deserted train station yesterday morning. didn't know who he was, asked for his id. that's when he shot one of the officers. both returned fire killing him. he hi jacked a truck, and employed into the market monday killing 12 people and injuring dozens of others. isis claimed responsibility for the attack. in our country, federal officials warn about a call from isis sympathizers for attacks on churches and other holiday gathering sites. new york police on control outside saint patrick's cathedral yesterday. the warning came after a militant social media site posted a list of churches. the fbi is advising everybody to be aware of surroundings and report any suspicious activity. in paris, holiday spirit is
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alive and well, people and tourists doing last minute shopping. the mood remains festive, despite tighter security following the berlin christmas market attack. the day after the deadly truck attack, the interior minister urged people to celebrate and enjoy paris' own outdoor christmas market. talk about wicked weather out west. snow and ice creating slippery conditions in spokane, washington. more than 20 cars and trucks involved in this accident. vehicles slid and at least one flipped over. fortunately nobody was hurt. drivers were stuck on the highway for hours. i know we hear we want a white christmas, but there are benefits not dealing with those road conditions. if you don't like this, it will be gone soon.
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we are freezing looks like on the radar, but there are showers throughout the area. green goes through delaware, over the bay, into parts of new jersey. that includes cape may county and along shore points. the green you see indicates mostly just light to moderate rain, not a downpour. deeper green in parts of philadelphia and parts of the suburbs. overall, it is not a big issue. not going to cause you not to be able to drive this morning. just remember slick roadways, it will be more difficult to navigate and it is foggy as well. notice if we look farther to the west, berks county and lehigh valley are already seeing breaks in this. cloudy with on and off showers going later into the morning and early afternoon, this continues to push on out of the region. temperatures out there in philadelphia neighborhoods pretty much the same as a few hours ago, rain has a moderating effect. haven't seen arise or drop.
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no snow or icy conditions to track. upper 30s, chestnut hill. 40 degrees in center city. graduate hospital and that's the official temperature at the airport. most philly neighborhoods are around 40 degrees this morning. little cooler as you track further north. hour by hour forecast shows we hold onto rain. there's the ending edge passing through berks county. by 11:00, 11:30, parts of the suburbs as well as lehigh valley, berks county area, we will totally stop seeing showers move through. moving a little ahead of schedule. we go from late morning to early afternoon, this entirely moves out. by 2:00, lingering showers by the shore. for most of us, seeing breaks in clouds. meaning the sun can peek out this afternoon. clear overnight. santa has clear, easy flights for sunday morning. sunday for christmas, conditions are looking very good and dry as
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well. we don't track any showers for the christmas forecast. here's the planner neighborhood by neighborhood, hour by hour. 7:00 a.m., at 33 degrees. 10:00 a.m., 39 degrees in philadelphia. it is a cold start out there as we start your christmas. won't be a white christmas. 31 degrees in lehigh valley, below freezing for the suburbs as well, right at freezing mark for south jersey. up to 38 degrees by 10:00 a.m. then getting into the afternoon, 50 the high temperature tomorrow for sunday. upper 40s for much of the area. we should also see the temperature up to 50 degrees in delaware. here's the ten day on ten. hold onto the 50s today. tomorrow, remember first half of the day see rain move through. temperatures overnight still chilly in the mid-30s. next week, we see a boost. 56 the temperature by tuesday with some showers and breezy to windy conditions. as we go along, we stay moderate in the 40s until the weekend, new year's eve. drop to highs in the 30s. santa and his reindeer have
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begun their christmas eve trip. he is warming up reindeer in finland. rudolph is leading the way. he is assisted by his cousin dasher known to be the fastest reindeer and speeds up the rest of the team. little ones can follow santa's trip as he delivers prenlts. keep tabs on saint nick using norad santa tracker. right now, it says he took off from the north pole before 6:00 this morning. he is now over japan. go to for a link, you can play games, watch videos and learn santa history. nbc10 wants to see your creative photos and videos. use #nbc10 holiday. time for wednesday's child. she's talented, energetic and pleasure to be around, hoping to find a forever family to love her and encourage her to be the best she can be.
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nbc10's vai sikahema introduces us to adora. >> this show cases work of delaware valley artists. today we brought some of her drawings to be displayed. >> how long until you realize you're a good artist. >> well, seven, couple of practices. i like to draw fashion and off the magazine or anything. >> naturally this bright, energetic 12-year-old wants to be an artist someday. she's very creative. get this, she sews. adora is adorable, in sixth grade, well adjusted, doing very well in school. >> she's a very personable young
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lady, loves running, playing, dancing, singing. she's a real joy to have around. >> this budding artist is going to be a store. she's this week's wednesday's child. if you would like to make her dream come true or the dream of any wednesday's child, go to and search wednesday's child. you can also call the national adoption center. 1-866-do adopt. coming up, we are live in port richmond where the pierogis and kill baelbasa are being mad. we have a live report in moments.
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not just long lines that makes holiday shopping difficult. if you're scratching your head,
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don't worry. we have some ideas in final hours before christmas and start of hanukkah. joining me this morning, luann kahn, a book about rebooting, recharging your life doing something new every day. thank you for being with us. >> i am happy to be here. >> familiar territory. >> back in the channel 10 studios. >> veteran nbc10 reporter and author of "i dare me." first thing when you give the gift of the experience, a lot of things are happening in terms of your brain and what goes on. >> first of all, you know there's a person out there that has everything and you don't know what to get them. sometimes the perfect thing is not a thing, it is an experience. everyone wants a memorable experience, even if they don't know it. there's science behind it. one, the brain lights up. it actually does. scientists have found that if you even see something, the brain lights up.
9:25 am
and when you do something for the first time, time slows down because your brain has to process it in a different way. you're not used to this. so it becomes memorable. and the brain releases endorphins, feel good chemicals. all that good stuff happens and makes it a gift. a present that makes you feel present. >> so you have some sample presents. >> yes. >> if you're trying to figure out. >> what kind of experience. so many things to choose from. so rosemary, everything is for you today. >> allegedly, or i am regifting or you're regifting. >> even if you're giving an experience, package it up or do something special. i wrote you a poem there. >> have a sweet and merry christmas, dear friend of my heart, let's drink wine and make art. >> that's what i came up with. but that's a wonderful
9:26 am
experience. there are paint and wine experiences. i did this recently, it was so much fun. sculpting classes, photography class. doesn't matter if it is outside your real house, even better. doesn't matter if you're good enough, it is fun and memorable. >> let's get physical is the second idea. this is an easier one. they may think you're getting cookies. >> i love it. >> you get in door cycling. >> who is getting this, are you giving that to your daughter? >> giving it to a friend of mine. >> we have video of polar bear plunge for a daring person, someone who feels stuck and needs to start the new year in a great way. i am organizing a polar bear plunge january 1st. you can go to my website to sign
9:27 am
up. >> perfect experience. >> but you can do indoor rock climbing, indoor sky diving, or get someone a massage. >> we have about 30 seconds. >> all right. food foodie experience. >> this is for you. made it for you. >> this is perfect. i am hosting brunch. >> give someone your special recipe. >> this is awesome. >> make it and give the recipe so you can have that experience. give a restaurant gift or eat something weird like cricket at the mexican restaurant. anything new. and also cultural experiences or a day with you is a wonderful experience. >> and also your book is -- >> if you can't figure out what to give, get my book. has 365 ideas in it.
9:28 am
>> bursting to do first experiences for people. >> right. get something fun, memorable. they'll remember that more than that tired sweater you're thinking of giving. >> thank you for being with us. thanks for returning to nbc10. we will take a quick break. be right back.
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♪ i said i really can't stay ♪ baby it's cold outside ♪ i have to go away ♪ baby it's cold outside ♪ i really can't stay ♪ baby it's cold outside! you never know who you'll meet at barnes & noble.
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a rainy start to the holiday weekend. what you can expect today and tomorrow as celebrations begin with family and friends. that's just ahead. the final few hours upon us. we have details on store closings. and pierogis the main attraction, kielbasa as well in port richmond. we are live as families pick up the trimmings for holiday meals. good morning. welcome back to nbc10 news today. i am rosemary connors. it is just after 9:30 this saturday. if you're heading out, don't worry, wet weather won't last all day. let's get more from meteorologist krystal klei. >> that's exactly right. not lasting the whole day. if you get out this morning, grab the umbrella and at least a rain jacket. temperatures aren't terribly cold but it is chilean wet. 40 degrees in philadelphia. you can tell from live cameras,
9:32 am
it is gray, foggy. a lot of cameras have rain drops on them. 38 degrees now in new jersey. 39 in lehigh valley. and 40 in delaware. temperatures will climb in the afternoon because believe it or not, once rain starts to move out late morning early afternoon, we will even see clouds start to break. but that's still several hours away. rainy conditions are hanging around for a bit. here's the radar and satellite. here's good news. if you're not loving the rain, it is already starting to clear in the western edge of the viewing zone. berks county, chester county, starting to break out of delaware county here. what's going to happen, we will see scattered lingering showers for late morning. rain holds longer in early afternoon for parts of new jersey and delaware. as we look at a farther view when you zoom out, you can tell clearing conditions, breaks in clouds are coming our direction. as we move to tomorrow, sunny conditions for christmas. details on the planner coming up.
9:33 am
>> see you shortly. thanks for that. the all important holiday dinner is top of mind for many families this morning, making sure they have everything they need. one place they're heading is port richmond and randy gyllenhaal is live for us this morning. hey randy. >> reporter: good morning, rosemary. live inside a kielbasa smoke house in port richmond. take a look. does that not look like a great christmas dinner. the family has been making kielbasa sausages and pierogis almost a century. this is the smoke house back here. this place was foinded before world war ii, back in 1938. and they spent the past few weeks getting ready day, christmas eve. they have already some people lining up to get all of the goods. people grabbing sausage, kielbasa, pierogis, real polish holiday feast. people across northeast philly christmas. they say it is a must-have at dinner tables across the region.
9:34 am
>> tradition, tradition in this neighborhood. >> started here in 1938 when my grandfather opened the business. ever since then, people line up every christmas week for hours on end to get kielbasa. >> reporter: check it out. nbc10 also outside the stocks bakery in port richmond down the street. long lines of people standing outside in pouring rain to get their hands on famous pound cake for christmas dessert. another long time tradition in northeast philly. be warned, supplies will be running low. they're only open until 1:00 or things run out. get to those bakery and delis as soon as you can. randy gyllenhaal, nbc10 news. >> good advice. thanks for that, randy. today is the last day to squeeze in christmas and hanukkah shopping. today is christmas eve. it is beginning of hanukkah. plenty of people hitting the stores for last minute gifts.
9:35 am
shoppers packing malls across the area today. this is the view from sky force 10 yesterday. you can see the parking lot at cherry hill mall jammed. probably will be similar today. very busy as well at king of prussia mall. they're seeing strong holiday sales, aren't releasing figures and numbers publicly. spoke to several shoppers adding to numbers. some had a lot of shopping to do yesterday, others needed one or two more things. >> now i have to run out at the last minute. >> work well under pressure, hopefully that helps me out. >> if you still need to do shopping today, the top toy sales are out. popular gifts for girls include barbie and shopkins. for boys, legos and "star wars" gear. hatchimals are everybody's favorite, probably won't find one this late in the game. hanukkah begins at sunset. the jewish festival of lights a
9:36 am
celebration that dates back to ancient times. look at boathouse row. it featured candlelighting, gift giving, dreidel spinning. for many of us holidays are time spent home with loved ones. for others it is the perfect time to hit the casino at the jersey shore. atlantic city offers a good dose of holiday blitz, and that includes gambling. nbc10 bureau reporter ted greenburg spoke to visitors from new york who had their own reasons for choosing slot machines and gaming tables over home. >> quiet, peaceful, i like it. my kids are grown. now i'm free. >> this weekend, my husband's birthday, hanukkah, and christmas. >> one casino told us it is close to fully booked for this weekend. you have a better chance to get
9:37 am
a room now compared to next weekend which is new year's eve. if you are scrambling for a holiday gift, go to our app. also the sounds of christmas choirs that competed in a competition. 9:37 this saturday. still ahead, christmas in bethlehem. pennsylvania that is. how the lehigh valley known as christmas city usa is getting ready for the holidays. head coach doug pederson taking heat for letting his quarterback block. we will hear more in sports.
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welcome back. live look outside camelback mountain. you can tell the camera not showing the snow we saw a couple hours ago. we have low-hanging clouds, good base of snow. already active people out there. conditions are great for the snowy weather there that we did see. moisture started to move out, snow will stick. temperatures are mostly in the low 30s now. look at the rain we have. it's already starting to move out, timing out close to what we expected. going to be lingering showers as this moves out. late morning into early afternoon is when this moves off. late morning through philly by early afternoon, right along the shore, it continues to push off. first half of the day we are
9:41 am
talking rainy weather. temperatures up in the afternoon. notice we have upper 40s to low 50s across the board. >> thanks for that. a live look at philly international airport. runways out there are wet. philly international has been tweeting that no problems are reported this morning. give yourself a little extra time, check your flight status with your carrier. they also tweeted if you're doing holiday shopping at the airport today, you have time to kill, get your gift wrapped for free at the philly international marketplace on the connecter. do that until 6:00 this evening. head out for a live look at 95. lot of people out there. lot of people doing last minute shopping, picking up things for holiday meals this evening and for tomorrow. roads are looking good this morning. again, give yourself a few extra minutes. if you want to stay updated with traffic and everything related to holiday travel, head to the nbc10 app.
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get live traffic updates and see the interactive radar. 9:41 now on this saturday. still ahead. sixers star spent time with fans, sort of. show you the highlights from last night's game where he went flying into the stands.
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hello, peco. hi. can you help me save on my energy bill? old appliances. like a hot water heater? it's around here somewhere. nope. nope. what is this thing? sir, have you looked in the basement? huh. oh, yeah. no wonder. it was hidden behind all of my free weights. if you're not an expert, peco can help. we have lots of ways to help you save energy and money. peco. the future is on.
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today the town of bethlehem
9:45 am
becomes christmas city. hotel bethlehem is filled to capacity this weekend. staff spent weeks decorating, putting up dozens of trees. despite a mild christmas, they'll have no trouble getting into the holiday spirit. >> little snow, the streets are vibrant, the town pulls together for christmas, it is our time of year. >> nbc10 checked in with business owners and they tell us they're doing fine with the holiday rush, the final rush of holiday shoppers. the minimum vikings safe and sound after their team plane slid off the runway. the incident happened at an airport near green bay, wisconsin. the jet ended up stuck in the grass. they waited for hours to get off the plane. fortunately nobody was hurt. the team twitter account said everyone is at the hotel snug in their beds. they play the packers later on today.
9:46 am
a winter storm expected to remain in los angeles. caused heavy rain and flooding. firefighters had to rescue several drivers whose cars were stuck. they had to push cars clear of high water. another reason why we should be thankful we don't have extreme weather this weekend. we talked about this earlier. last year it was so warm. we were cooking christmas dinner, turned on the air conditioning because it got so warm. >> i looked back at the records, i was not here yet. i looked back at the records. we had low 70s, set records three days in a row with temperatures way warmer than average. not going to get that this year. but temperatures will be a little warmer than typical. and we start with rain. because we are warmer than typical, no snow for us. rain headed out of the area. spotty storms are hanging off to the west. scattered showers continue into the morning hours. berks county seeing cloudy
9:47 am
conditions and chester county much of the same. the rest of the viewing zone going with showers. it is a light to moderate rain, not a downpour or creating flooding concerns. you can still get out the door. watch for wet roadways. berks county, lehigh valley, want to show you the temperatures. they were important in creating safe driving conditions. we don't have to deal with icing, temperatures are above freezing. reading sitting at 38 degrees. if we go to lehigh valley, mid to upper 30s. again not worried about icy spots unless you drive north past the lehigh valley. in the poconos, we saw a wintry mix. some spots of icing are possible. here's highs for today. rainy conditions move out. second half of the day, could see sun break through. we get more clear as the day progresses. 50 degrees in philadelphia. lehigh valley is 44.
9:48 am
and jersey shore and delaware making it to the low to possible mid-50s. going to tonight, scattered clouds. the clouds continue to thin outgoing through the night. temperatures drop into the mid 40s, continue to slip into the 30s overnight. winds remain light. conditions are very nice as we go from hanukkah to a christmas forecast sunday. here's the look. 6:00 a.m., 35 degrees in philadelphia. upper 30s, close to 40 by 10:00 a.m., getting up to a high of 50 in philly. in the suburbs. 32, close to that in lehigh valley. delaware, new jersey and the shore, same deal. looking at around 40 degrees moving into the later part of the morning. but a cold start. you'll notice the chill if you get out early christmas. we will talk about the ten day on 10 coming up.
9:49 am
hey, i'm danny pommells. the sixers were short a big man as they kicked off a four game road trip in phoenix but not the one you're thinking of or the other one or the other one. richaun holmes out with a concussion. good hustle joel embiid making a habit of again. he was okay, though. then t.j. mcconnell with a steal this is him draining the three. sixers doing their thing early on. more embiid, the block and-one. leads to a sergio rodriguez triple on the other end. sixers let it slip away after intermission. bledsoe hits a jumper. sundays up two, win 123-116. the eagles are off for a few days after last night's win over the giants. they'll be missing a key piece for their season finale.
9:50 am
ryan matthews suffered a herniated disc in his neck in this run near the goal line. he'll need surgery to repair it. pederson was asked to evaluate mathews' season. >> got off to a good start, and then there was a little bit of a lull in the middle, and he's finished up strong. that's kind of been the nature of the season for him. these last couple of weeks he's been our work horse at the running back position and did some really good things for us. this obviously is unfortunate now that he can't finish the season for us. >> lots of eagles fans wondering what this was about. carson wentz blocking on the reverse shortly after being cleared of a concussion. pederson defended the call at today's press conference. >> we can speculate all day, i guess. you know, obviously our goal in everything we do is try to win a football game.
9:51 am
and, you know, i think the second that you sort of hesitate in any situation is the time you get beat. and, again, i had no hesitation on making that play and putting him in that situation. that is your look at sports. i'm danny pommells, csn. nbc10 continues the commitment to clear the shelters and find homes for pets. ame joins us. thanks for being here. krystal is keeping distance from rory, a little allergic. >> i am allergic. i just have to watch my hands. cute little guy here. >> going to get snatched up quickly. he is young, two and a half months old. neutered, up to date on shots, ready to go home to a loving family. >> that's in bensalem? >> yep. the last stop on the petco tour.
9:52 am
wint winter whisker land. we hope we get more pets into homes before christmas. >> 11:00 to 3:00 today. this guy should be there. if for some reason he is not and ends up back at the shelter, plenty of kittens there. >> lots of kittens at the event, kittens at the shelter. want to make sure everybody knows we are open at the shelter on from 10:00 to 5:00 and tomorrow, too. >> bepets are a good gift to remember, a long term gift. >> important to remember. especially if you adopt a pet to surprise a child or someone that you live with, the pet will be in the home with you, it is a good, nice thing to do for the holidays. shows you're teaching kids about adoption and it is a nice thing to do. >> you should mention, we have some guests in studio today.
9:53 am
>> they live in charleston, came up to see me today. don't get to see me regularly. >> krystal, are you bringing home maybe not a kitten, any thoughts to bringing home more pets? >> my boyfriend is like no, we have enough. our one guy. if you can take someone home for the holidays, they're a great addition to the family. >> you mentioned you're open today. we have that information for act philly. animal care and control at hunting park section of the city off the boulevard. 267-385-3800. visit them on the web. how late are you open today? >> until 5:00. >> thanks for being with us. >> thanks for having us. rainy out there for people heading to the events. >> we are tracking the rain and have a fun holiday surprise as well. >> we do. see you in a few minutes.
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look behind us, we have rain. not here all day. >> it is not here all day. roads are wet. showers hang on the rest of the morning, early afternoon moving off the shore. this is a live look outside. you can see roadways are wet. that's not stopping people getting out there. not worrying about icing conditions. here's the ten day forecast. over ten days, we stay mild. 50 degrees saturday, sunday christmas day at 50. notice sunday we're nice and sunny for the forecast. then we see chances of rain tuesday. i have a surprise. >> let's see it. >> this is rosemary and i doing
9:57 am
an elf jig to bring the forecast. i have been working on this all morning. very happy holidays to everyone. 35 degrees tomorrow for christmas morning. it will be dry but chilly. >> all right. enjoy the day. enjoy the weekend. have a happy holiday. be safe out there.
9:58 am
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i'm sara gore. and this is open house. right now, we're shining the spotlight on a growing design trend, decor inspired by nature. we are in new jersey where a homeowner transformed his abode into an exotic estate, sparked by his passion for africa. and we tour a california home where the owners created an eclectic space made largely from recycled and salvaged materials. plus, tara lipinski tells us how a life on an island inspired the color palette for her southern sanctuary. but first, bring the outdoors in at this retreat in malibu. it's impossible to have a bad day when you wake up in a master suite just like this. [music playing] welcome to open house. today, i'm coming to you from a cozy penthouse


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